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Radio Shop FAQ's

What is a Dutch Auction?
A Dutch Auction is the opposite of the type of auction we are accustomed to.  We set the bid, on an item,  at just below its valued a price.  We then lower the bid until you feel the price is right and bid on it.......AND IT IS YOURS!!  You are the winning bidder!
The PRESSURE is ON!.....Are You Feeling Lucky?  Don’t miss out on your chance to buy the item you want.

Frequently Asked Questions about Radio Shop
What Is It?
How Do I Purchase Items
When is Radio Shop On The Air?
How Does Radio Shop Work?
What About Auction Items?
How Do I Pay For My Items and Pick Them Up?
Important Information:

What Is It?

Radio Shop is a radio program on WWIS where you can purchase items at a reduced price, or bid on items being auctioned.

How Do I Purchase Items?

Call the Listener Line during Radio Shop and just tell us what items you want to purchase!
Local Line:  284-4391
Toll-Free Listener Line:  (877) 997-9947,  or (877) 997-WWIS
U.S. Cellular customers, toll-free:  #997
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When is Radio Shop On The Air?
First Saturday of every month - 9:00am to 10:00 am on WWIS 99.7 FM and 1260 AM
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How Does Radio Shop Work?

You’ll receive a red Radio Shop certificate for most items you buy from us.  You’ll then take these Certificates to the specific business and redeem them for the items or amounts listed on the Certificate.  Most items on Radio Shop have a set price which is lower than the item’s retail price.  You pay the Radio Shop price, but receive the retail value of the item.
FOR EXAMPLE:  Store X has a Certificate on Radio Shop  
Radio Shop Price:  Six Dollars (The Price you pay for Store X’s certificate on Radio Shop)
Face Value:  Ten Dollars (The Amount your Radio Shop certificate is worth upon redemption at Store X)
You Save:  Four Dollars!
Once you have an item or items you would like to purchase, call the Radio Shop program when it is on the air and tell us what items you want to purchase.  We’ll then ask you for your phone number.  We use that phone number only to identify you as the purchaser of that item.  We ask if you are buying multiple items on Radio Shop to please give your phone number after each item.  This makes bookkeeping  much easier for us and assures you get the items you want.  PLEASE! ONLY ONE PHONE NUMBER PER CALL!
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What About Auction Items?

Some items on Radio Shop are auction items.  These are items on which we take bids during the Radio Shop program, above a minimum bid which is announced during the program.  Auction items are specified by the Radio Shop announcer and can often be inspected at the participating business before the date of the auction.
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How Do I Pay For My Items and Pick Them Up?

There are two ways to pay for and pick up your Radio Shop Certificates (We accept cash, checks or VISA/MASTERCARD):
In Person at WWIS:   Pay for your purchases and pick up your certificates at WWIS’ offices.
How to get here:  Go west of Black River Falls on County Hwy A about 2 miles to Town Creek Road.  Turn left on to Town Creek Road and take it to the top of the hill.  We’re right under the big antenna!

By Mail:  You may pay for your purchases by mail.  Simply send us a self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope along with your payment check or money order, made payable to WWIS.  We will fill out your Radio Shop Certificates and send them back to you in your envelope.  If you pay with your MasterCard or Visa over the phone, shipping and handling is FREE. 

Checks returned due to non-sufficient funds will be charged an additional $30.00
Our Address:  
W11573 Town Creek Road
Black River Falls, WI 54615
Be sure to pick up your Radio Shop certificates by the Thursday following the show on which you purchased the items.  Items not picked up by Thursday will be put back into our inventory.
Please note:  Some limitations have been set on certain Radio Shop items.  Please listen carefully to avoid any misunderstanding.
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Important Information:
All Radio Shop Certificates are good for 60 Days unless otherwise stated.
Most Certificates are one per purchase
Can only use one phone number per call.
Certificates must be used for goods and services.  You will receive no cash change if you do not use the full face value of the Certificate.
Please use the Certificates as stated and do not try to change any limitations that have been placed on the Certificates.  Often these limitations are placed on the Certificates at the request of the business and we want to keep our Radio Shop businesses happy.  Without them there wouldn’t be a Radio Shop Show!
Restaurant Certificates are normally one per visit, one per table.
Tips are not included in Radio Shop Certificates.  Please tip your server accordingly, based on the FULL amount of the bill, before the Radio Shop Certificate is applied.
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